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According to Amazon reviewers, you can play laser games by moving your finger around the app’s screen on your phone, which also moves the laser in your room in real time.

The camera has a two-way video screen so you can talk with your pet, and it has a special ringtone to let your pet know when you’re calling. Some versions even come with a special accessory so your pet can call you!

You can login to Pet Chatz through an app on your phone or through your computer.

The Petzi Treat works with a phone app that lets you tap one of four choices: see, speak, snap, or treat.

You can watch your cat through the video, say hello to her with high-quality audio, snap a picture, and even dispense a treat for her from long distance! Amazon reviewers absolutely love the Petzi; 83 percent ranked it five stars and only six percent gave it a three-star rating or lower.

Here are some of the best cameras to keep an eye on your cat while you’re gone for the holidays..

I’ve tried this one personally and it’s absolutely perfect.

You can record videos of your cat or take pictures of her.

The camera also has a microphone and speaker so you can talk with your cat too.

According to the Pet Chatz website, these are expected to ship in January.

The item is so new that it doesn’t have any reviews online yet, but it’s very unique.

The downsides, according to reviewers, are that the video quality isn’t always great and the camera sometimes has a tough time connecting.

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