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If you think you can never move on from the love of your life — who recently informed you that the feeling is anything but mutual — signing up for an online dating service is probably the last thing on your mind.The parade of weirdos and just plain ugly people is enough to get you to swear off dating forever.

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After each date, we get feedback from both parties so there are no more guessing games about how the date went or whether or not your match was interested in you.

We help busy singles outsource their dating lives to us so they can spend more time on quality dates. You describe the Three Day Rule clients as “busy professionals serious about finding love.” How do you find these men and women, or how do they find you?

We also host events regularly in each of our cities and get a lot of press coverage, so many of our clients come to us after attending an event or reading an article about us. Tell us about the name, "Three Day Rule." The term "Three Day Rule" was first coined in the 90's movie, "Swingers", and refers to the number of days that guys thought they were supposed to wait before contacting a girl to ask her out.

However, in this digital age, waiting for three days to contact someone you are interested in is totally outdated.

Starting June 25, will send an email to targeted Match users inviting them to try the new approach.

Initially emails will only go out to users in cities where Three Day Rule currently operates, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, but the offer will be extended as Three Day Rule expands to other cities.

It's very important to feel confident when walking into a date so getting a few styling tips can be useful. You’re married with two kids, did you meet your husband through a matchmaking service? I walked into a party, saw my husband across the room, and told the person next to me to bring him over immediately.

I introduced myself, we chatted, and he asked for my number.

We make sure we understand how you define attractive and if you have a physical "type" (which most people do), we make sure we understand what that is and find matches that meet your criteria. What are the top things that women are looking for in a man? Coffee dates can feel like business meetings and it's tough to develop a romantic connection when you're sitting at a loud, noisy cafe in broad daylight. Your perfect partner may come in a different package than what you are expecting so it's important not to limit yourself when deciding to give someone a chance or a first date.

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