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Pros: Appearance Cons: Sucks, Heavy These speakers turned out to be a huge disappointment.

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First of all, in 2014 I had 2 of these without subs. Paired with the ETX18SP the sound is bass heavy with clear highs and voice like mids.

BEST SYSTEM EVER and it is all my 5 star rated sound company uses. Don't blame the speaker, blame the engineer running them.

With award-winning shows, superfast Fibre and a wide range of talk packages, there's something for everyone when you join Sky.

More about switching to Sky Broadband £20 Original Bundle offer: Original Bundle £20 a month for 18 months.

The cleaner is alleged to have raped 30 boys aged between eight and 12 in the Nizip Refugee Camp toilets over the course of three months.

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This is just an NCO trying to help other Soldiers out.

For the price they cost, they should sound good with every type of music.

After a week that I had them, one of the 15inch woofers went out.

After 18 months, standard price applies (currently £22 a month).

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