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The flexible transport foil/film in one advantageous embodiment is designed as an especially endless belt so that continuous processing of the substrates is enabled.In another advantageous embodiment it is provided that the transport foil/film is formed from plastic and/or fiber material, especially glass-fiber reinforced.

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Along the transport distance, in two process modules 5 are schematically shown in which defined process steps are carried out on the substrates 3, for example lithography, exposure, development, sputtering, heating, cooling, deposition, etching, implanting, embossing, bonding, etc.

The substrates are moved into position via suitable deflection/guide rolls 2 and by moving the transport foil/film 4 by means of the driving roll 1.

Still, it is desirable to be able to use thin substrates since they enable higher efficiency in the conversion of light into electrical energy.

In particular, semiconductor base material can also be saved if more preferably a corresponding production method for thin substrates is used in substrate production.

But it can also be imagined that there are several substrates next to one another on the transport foil/film.

It is moreover advantageously possible to accommodate the substrates on both sides of the transport foil/film.They are raised off the material of the transport foil/film in terms of contrast.Alternatively index holes can be machined into the transport foil/film.The framework of the invention encompasses all combinations of at least two of the features given in the specification, the claims, and/or the figures.In the specified value ranges, values which lie within the indicated limits will also be disclosed as boundary values and they are to be claimed in any combination.The major barriers to commercial use are moreover transport logistics or the type of transport as well as the technology in the production environment and the lack of suitable methods and means for transporting these thin substrates for example from the substrate manufacturer to photovoltaic production.


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