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It’s a quick, but fun, way to turn lunch or dinner time into a party.Just cook up a stack of waffles then let everyone choose from a variety of toppings.Yep, you’re in luck- because we divas have done Letterboxing is very similar to geocaching.

Just grab the printable clues and let the kids have fun exploring the local library and getting in some summer reading. Just split everyone into two teams so half the kids are with dad and half are with mom, then race to see who can finish first.

The free printables are included and there are even FOUR different hunts to choose from!

Use our printable bingo card for a quick, easy, fun, and free family night at your local Walmart.

Divide into teams and see who can get “Bingo” or “Blackout” first.

Host a fun family game night featuring pudding Pictionary and ice cream sculpting. It doesn’t matter if it’s popcorn, pizza, soda, ice cream or anything else- just get 4 different brands and use the printable score cards to record your results.

Who wouldn’t love painting pictures with pudding and sculpting their own ice cream masterpieces with a couple of spoons?! Here’s a fun (and yummy) family night idea- host your own taste testing party. If your family loves movie nights and popcorn, then this popcorn bar is the perfect way to take it up a notch.

Before each person bowls, they must pick an M&M out of the bag without looking.

The color of the M&M will tell them You don’t have to go on a vacation or out of town to stay at a hotel.

There’s even a blank bingo card if your family wants to make your own.

Take the family to the local bowling alley for some summer fun, but this time bring a bag of M&Ms for an added a twist!

Let the kids help turn your dining room into your own family restaurant for the night and host a fancy, formal dinner- just because!


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