Adrian chiles dating christine bleakley completely herpes dating site

We were just having a gorgeous lunch by the beach and he simply popped the question." She added: "It was completely out of the blue and he was starting to build up to it and it was a little bit lovey-dovey and halfway through the lovey-dovey bit I realised what he was about to say and I started to cry." Bleakley also revealed the England ace asked her parents for her hand in marriage and claimed that Lamps got one of his friends to fly the six-figure engagement ring out to LA so she would not find it and ruin the surprise. His departure in a fit of pique from the BBC has left her in a powerful position."It's one of the worst situations life can throw at you. I just want someone to take care of me." Adrian's comments reignite rumours he has previously had a romantic interest in his co-presenter on 'The One Show', Christine Bleakley, who has recently started dating footballer Frank Lampard.

Recently she’s joined the ranks of football WAGs, after she began dating Chelsea and England star Frank Lampard.

It’s been a meteoric rise, yet just three years ago Bleakley was still ­virtually unknown outside Northern Ireland, where she grew up .

Rumours that she too could be lured away should come as no surprise.

Instead they should be regarded as part of a prolonged bargaining process.

“That’s a phenomenal amount for a magazine programme,” says a BBC source. However, as Chiles quickly realised, she is also a smart cookie.

She and her advisers are aware that following the shock of Chiles’s exit her stock will never be higher and now is the time to capitalise.

They’re keeping it quiet for now but it’ll all come out in time."Bleakley's friends blasted the rumours as nonsense, with one stating: "Adrian and Christine are good friends but there is nothing more to it than that.

They see each other occasionally out of work but that doesn’t mean there was any romance.

He said: "I hope to meet a smart person with a sense of humour, not necessarily a beautiful one, as beautiful woman are often too complicated.

"Divorce is a very private thing and you don't want people to write about it.

The Chelsea footballer, who has been dating Christine for 18 months, got down on one knee and asked Bleakley to be his wife while on holiday in LA.

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