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Reviews of the event the next week reported that seventy lots were sold at prices from to 0. The features of this land sale make me wonder if the strange message on the postcard refers to picking out home sites. In the next census of 1910, father was gone and Miles' mother, Lindey Racey, was listed as divorced.The 2005 newspaper account of the music in Noble County provided a nice list of the full names of the Kid Band and I was able to find most of them in U. Did Mile's father take the original photograph of the band and did his mother paint the colors onto it?

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Prospective buyers were offered free carriage rides to the grounds, and enticed with $500 of beautiful silverware given away free to people who attended the sale.

Grand open air concerts were given by the Famous Caldwell Kid Band and the Hillsboro Military Band. They were sons of farmers, merchants, managers, tradesmen, physicians, and lawyers and came from middle class rather than working class families. Racey, was born in 1895 and was in the 1900 census where his father listed an occupation of Photographer.

They soon gained popularity and often traveled to neighboring villages for social functions. The band became known as the youngest group of organized musicians in southeastern Ohio. Their repertoire included a wide variety of sacred and patriotic music, and their music attracted a crowd wherever they traveled.

Calland moved from the Caldwell area in 1908, and an accomplished musician U. Members were Edgard Artman and Irwin Quick, tubas; Oscar Noble, baritone; Donald Dye, Benson Day and Earl Schob, trombones; Robert Shively and Miles Racey, altos; George Williams, Thomas Keenan and Frederick Schob, clarinets; Clare Shadwell, Danner Hastings and Harry Richcreek, cornets; Paul Conner, bass drum and Charley Ferguson, snare drum. The Noble County Historical Society was fortunate to receive several of the uniforms that were worn by the Caldwell Kid Band from Mary Richcreek several years ago. The quality of their music was better than ever, but the novelty of youth had faded. The article includes a small image that was the same photo used in June 1907 by the Cincinnati Enquirer to promote the band.

It is hoped to feature these uniforms and other memorabilia in a display at the historic old jail. The caption says that the oldest member was 13 years of age and the youngest only 9. The scan of the newspaper is not clear but I think the two drummers on either side are the same boys as in the postcard.

The first annual assembly of the Noble County Chautauqua was held at Chautauqua Court on west North Street, Aug. If I'm correct, then the man standing with the band is its first leader, John Calland.

Yet despite its size the townspeople supported both a men's band and a boy's band too.

In 2005, Pat Parks, a feature writer for the Cambridge, OH Daily Jeffersonian wrote a short history of the music making in Noble County. An unparalleled musical organization was organized in 1906 by John Calland that was not composed of adults but was formed with youngsters ranging in age from nine to 13 years.

Until the advent of WW1 in 1914, most of the world's souvenir postcards were printed in Germany, so this card dates to around the beginning of the 20th century.

Caldwell, OH is a small village in eastern Ohio and is the county seat of Noble County.

At the beginning of the 20th century, public schools did not include band programs, or athletic sports for that matter.

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