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During a shower scene, Helen decided to subject Marni to her wishes, commanding her to wash her back.

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She was tortured by electrocution (clips attached to her breasts) after being found having sex at knifepoint with him (she had ordered rape, famously: "Get it up or I'll cut it off! Karen and Grear fought each other in a muddy sugar cane or rice field to establish dominance over Marni - Karen won the fight when she pushed Grear's face into the dirty water and forced her to submit.

While many of the cellmates planned an escape, there were continual struggles within the prison - a food fight (and spraying with fire hoses), a starvation diet, more torture.

Marni was tied down naked while a venomous cobra was dangled above her.

The escape plan was abetted by Fred and a second mercenary named Harry (Sid Haig), and succeeded when the group took hostages: Lucien and the labor camp's ineffectual Dr. A number of deaths resulted - Grear, Harrad, Bodine, and Dietrich as the escape plan unfolded.

John Mc Burney who took refuge in an all-female seminary school for prim and proper Southern girls, led by sexually-frustrated headmistress Martha Farnsworth (Geraldine Page).

Mc Burney soon learned that the Gothic atmosphere in this matriarchal society was one of sexual repression, deceit, jealousy, and power struggle between a triangle of females vying for his love, attention, and sexual favors: The manipulative Mc Burney (known as Mr.The story continued with playboyish Jonathan's later difficult relationship to voluptuous, big-breasted TV model Bobbie (Oscar-nominated Ann-Margret) who he first felt was his sexual salvation and soon became his live-in mistress: ("I took one look at the tits on her, and I knew I'd never have trouble again"). Finding himself dysfunctionally impotent, Jonathan resorted to using the services of paid prostitute Louise (Rita Moreno in a cameo) to massage his ego (and more) in the film's final scene.Jonathan soon resented Bobbie's hints at becoming more domestic and trapped-hitched, as she vulnerably drowned in depressing despair. Obsessively, he had her recite a carefully-worded script (he yelled at her - "God-damn it!Its harsh sequel by director Gerardo de Leon, Women in Cages (1971) (co-produced by Roger Corman) featured basically the same setting, plot, and cast.A trio of WIP films was created when Jack Hill also directed The Big Bird Cage (1972).During the day, the prisoners were taken out to the fields to work.

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