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The next town west of the Colorado river will be on section 210, and will be called Westbrook.

At Colorado City, Coleman & Dunn, of Coleman City, have a store with a stock of general merchandise, valued at ,000, and Lawson & Smith carry about 00, Beeler & Owens have drugs, and there are several small grocery stores as well as “Nip and Tuck,” the Terminal saloon.

Letters to Santa from the December 22, 1967, Roscoe Times: Dear Santa, I want a ring for Christmas. Love, Sonya Dear Santa, I hope you will brend me whath I want for Christmas.

All funds raised by the MDA Lock-Up assist the Association in providing lifesaving research, a nationwide network of medical clinics and accessible summer camp experiences to individuals and families affected by neuromuscular diseases. We all have been real nice so would you please bring us some toys?

If you would like to help post Mc Bride’s bail, click here to donate online, or stop by his office on the second floor of the Nolan County Courthouse, or donate anywhere else you see him. I would like a Suzy Homemaker, Skipper, and Skeeter, and some clothes for them.

Everything I was concerned about, except going as far as straightening out the road, which Doug said was not in the plans at this time, has come to be, with the lights to be up during the month of December, which was moved up ahead of schedule.

Texas Department of Transportation is a first class operation, and they do listen when we voice our concerns. The track of this road is now laid to the Colorado river, 262 miles west of Dallas, and will soon reach the staked plains, the Llano Estacado of the Spaniard.

For an idea of what the money may go to fund: $1,480 - Fund 20 Minutes of Research ,$800 - Send One Child to MDA Summer Camp, $100 - Pay for a Support Group Session, $74 - Fund One Minute of Research, $30 - Fund One Flu Shot. I have this little toy of you and I will turn it on. I would also like high-raised handlebars and a banana seat for my bicycle.

Mc Bride hopes to at least pay for one kid’s summer camp. Last year when my sister was here I saw you when you turn around. Randy wants some house logs, a truck, gun, and race set. Santa, please remember all the other little children, too.

The Lock-Up is the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s premier fundraising program.

These high-profile events occur all across the country at various times throughout the year.

The original spellings for Merkel, Eskota, and Loraine are those given above.

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