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However, while Second Life’s primary focus is creative building, with a marketplace of millions of user-created items, Utherverse is more focused on adult social activities, including an official virtual escort directory — not safe for work, by the way.

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Customers can even resell Virtual World Web hosting, he added.

“It’s really unique — hosts will basically become ISPs,” he said.

“Alternatively, we’ve been demoing it as a ‘Holodeck version 1.0’ where the user is using a Virtuix Omni for navigation, which we’re also compatible with.” To try out the new Curio viewer, go to the download page — free registration required — download and install the viewer, then hitting F12 on the keyboard to switch into Oculus mode.

Utherverse currently has about a million actively monthly users, according to Shuster, which puts in roughly in the same ballpark as Second Life.

But the biggest change is that the Virtual World Web software will be available as a stand-alone package, allowing customers to run their own worlds almost completely independently from Utherverse, except for the centralized login system.

Pricing hasn’t been determined yet, but could run at “several thousand dollars,” said Shuster.Users wearing the Oculus Rift have a hard time seeing menu elements on the edges of the screen, reading small text, and — unless they touch-type — using a keyboard.“With the Curio browser, we’re really re-working the whole way the user interface works when its displayed through the Oculus,” Shuster told .Curio is due out before the official release of the Oculus Rift, Shuster said, with some beta versions of Virtual World Web destinations out as early as next month.To make a virtual environment compatible with the Oculus Rift, it’s not enough to just have a first-person view and enable the side-by-side stereoscopic display.You type in your address in the destination bar and if it’s a Web address, it will take you to the website, and if it’s an address in the company’s proprietary Virtual World Web platform, it will take you to that region — and, possibly someday, even to Open Sim destinations as well.


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