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All we ask of you is that you tell your friends to call our chat lines so that there are enough new people calling in to keep the phone lines fun and exciting. I'm So Sorry." It was from number I didn't know and following that simple message was one of those shortened urls that didn't give you a clue where you'd end up if you tapped on it.Or was this someone trying to let me know something? My wife told me that was part of my problem these days. The problem with a busy work week she would tell me when I'd ask. Next these two black guys appear and they spit roast her.

Free hot facetime chat - Adult text chat lines

I stared at the phone until the screen went black then unlocked the phone and did it over again. She's making porn videos, so she's not even afraid I'll see she being a slut, cheating. Watching as the first guy replaces the cock gag with his dick, so my wife is airtight.

Was this some kind of spam with the sender looking for access to my phone somehow? Maybe tonight she'd be home before ten and they could talk. Even on the weekends she seemed to have things to do and places to be. Watching as when they are done the other woman comes on screen to lap up the cum from my wife's arse and cunt to then feed it back to her via a kiss.

He had a hold of her hair and was roughly fucking her mouth. Forcing his dick as far down her throat as possible while also using her to help him with his balance as he enjoyed the pleasure he extracted with force. While the woman comes back on camera and unties her hands.

Framing the picture was two more guys rubbing their dicks to keep them hard. Suddenly his body was shaking and spasming as he unloaded deep in her mouth. " The guy yelled as he roughly tugged on the woman's hair to get her off his now sensitive cock and up onto her feet. You get the slut's arse first." The dick on the right and it's owner moved to the center of the video, dropping down into the couch behind the guy and girl. My cock wilted as quickly as her arse had devoured the guy's cock. Immediately my wife reaches forward to use them on the guy's dick.

The guy meanwhile reached for the butt plug and yanked it out then presented to the girl for cleaning. Tapping the screen to pause the video, I notice it's an hour and three minutes long. A timer goes off and one of the black guys comes back on camera with a mammoth dildo and starts feeding it into my wife's arse.

Not that you see from this camera angle but she seemed to greedily suck on it. Another woman entered the camera, naked but for a mask over head to hide her identity. This wasn't my kind of porn but it might be soon, my cock was hardening to my embarrassment. She squirms and is in obvious discomfort but continues to try and bring the guy on the couch off.

The woman with the dildo going next and then the guy bucks upward as his spends his load all over my wife's tits and face.

To thank the asian girl, my wife pushes her down to the floor and starts to lick and lap at her cunt.

When she stops shaking and she has minimal control of her body but uses it to force herself back to his dick and to start sucking on it again. It's a struggle for her to get there but she makes it and with some effort starts sucking away. She just doesn't have the energy, so the two minutes fly by.

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