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..i gave IN to him..good thing i STILL have an ounce of SELF-CONTROL to ONLY forgave YAMAPI..okay i'm BIASED so BURN me eh? Well, that's coz the first thing I ever read about them weren't good things. I find it really odd how they're so popular, though. Anyway, I'm going O_o over that supposed rape thing... (like his nickname says) put his hand out.......meanie Jun took it back and walk away ....

...*winks*..i just can't LET GO of JIN...is the EPITOME of BULLSH*T...bwahahahaha!! ..i am REALLY getting USED to this BASHING thing..for FINALE.... speaking of kame, i never did care, don't hate nor like either. YATTA^^just read some phrase from some people on the pv.

And for those of you that do like Jin, well I damn well hope to convert you...i was LAUGHING so hard while i was reading your COMMENT about JIN on AF yeterday or was it this morning....bwahahahhahaha!! ....there's NOTHING about him that is LIKEABLE..... ....i can't RESIST to add one more....i dunno if this TRUE or not!! So here I have some caps from this Utawara Jun vs Jin, I enjoyed it so much watching this clip again ... Well, at the very least he's surpassed Kame for me. I kind of resist him because I don't want to feel like a copycat. *reading everything on this thread*so, he's from Kat-tun? LOL so, he's pretty bad and is very stupid compared to jun, ne? ..too i enjoyed these RARE moments of JUN vs JIN....3 times that they met and have those bickerings... JUN was so smart..quick witted really....i love the part where JUN said "don't get carried away you PUNK...face is not that GREAT!! whatevers...i am hoping for him to change his ways though..yeah....i am soooooo hoping for this.... as i recalled this clip...thing that comes to my mind was.... ..LOOK on JUN's on that one was soooooooooooooo PRICELESS...it really took him a good couple of seconds to RETORT back an answer on that which surprise surprise was in agreeance with MAO...."you are right....i am WEAK on that one!

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Apparently, he's been dating her for quite some time and when news reporters asked him about whether his hiatus was due to a women he said, "No." And folks, in the entertainment world no means yes and Gackt is the mascot for a plastic surgery clinic.source Labels: akanishi jin, gackt, johnny's entertainment, lol, romance, rumors, scandal, yaosource Labels: akanishi jin, gackt, johnny's entertainment, lol, romance, rumors, scandal, yaoi love that site... ...i am not even sure they are facts but what the HECK!! So you're telling me that Jin is actually going to do what the official statement said and is going to the US to study english? Apparently he speaks no English but yet wants to enroll in a school that specializes in linguistics.

Earlier on this week to the consternation of hormonal teenage girls around the world Akanishi Jin (22) announced that he was going on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time because he wants to supposedly 'study a foreign language abroad.' Of course what language and where he did not announce for 'safety purposes.'Fast forward a few days to a little article about how he's supposedly dating a 26 year old Brazilian-Japanese model, Rina. Monday, October 30, 2006 THIS JUST IN: Jin in NYC Wait, wait, wait, wait...

....i really DON't get it why PEOPLE find him HOT... EDIT3: Let me quote some hilarious serious and alarming threats:we the chinese kno where u r and we r coming. Note from Veronica: This is a legendary post, so I'm butting in to give my two cents on the matter. Thus, they will undoubtedly become 3000% more annoying than they already are.

Killing Jin's BFF's GF is not going to make Jin hot and bothered about you kthnx? Oh Chinese fangirls, where would we be without you? If Jin decides that he's just gonna up and go to the University of West Virginia or some gay shit like that, millions of fat white fangirls are now going to think they can bang him. i just want to kick his ass when i look at him.2) he really LOOKS stupid! i'm glad that jun-kun is SMART and knows how to deal w/ people. he looks like he needs to get his ass whooped in college.

..JIN is LEARNING something..yeah..bet he does...he's done a LOT of STUDYING....studying my FOOT!! ...*me being sarcastic here*now if those people ONLY knew what and how COMPTON university is....i don't even KNOW it EXISTS...we have here is COMPTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE...by the WORD itself "COMMUNITY COLLEGE"..know how that is..COMPTON is not really a place you would be PROUD to be saying unless you want PEOPLE to be SCARED around and about you...is a scary part of town in LA..is even far from hollywood area...is a county of LA..believe me when i say... ...i'll stop now....*winks*last time i go on this site, forget already, they should a pic of him partying, drinking, seriously he really look bad, and him kissing up girl and partying and i though, studying, is this you call studying, i felt sorry for jonhny old man to sent him so he could reflect what he done but all he did is drinking and partying. *Is crying from laughter while her family worries about her*..........I'll just say this: that supposed rape rumor... Well, for me it's the worst haha but for them it's the best. you guys have opened "the Akanishi Jin hate thread" , I laugh so hard reading the comments here I dont like Kattun either, and especially this Akame couple.

JIN enrolled himself to COMPTON UNIVERSITY....bwahahahhaha!! ..people actually believe it and were even proud of it...JIN is STUDYING his HARDEST..right!!

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At that time (after placement), his excuse was, "The test results said I should be in level 5 but level 5 has too many Japanese people, so I told them to put me in level 3."I generally hate all the JE jokes circulating around on the internet, but the source blog entitled these pictures JIN'S "NEW" REAL FACE? Labels: akanishi jin, fagz, hilarious pictures, humiliation, sightings*i bow*...

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