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Any single woman is still treasured and pursued and can still incite a bar fight if she wanted.” But at the airport, we learn that Kodiak is fogged out.

There is another flight, however, to a place called Homer. We land in a tiny town on the shore of a slate-gray bay surrounded by snow-covered glaciers and mountains, with volcanoes towering in the distance.

This wouldn’t have happened had the bar had a few chivalrous males.

*** Tara In other places I’ve lived, relationships seemed to take root organically: in neighborhood cafes, at pickup soccer, at the beach. He Likes to Get It Over With in Time for Meet the Press.” This is not every woman’s fantasy. The ones with the facial hair, the calloused hands?

Winter had found us single again, and we were feeling as if we had lost our mojo.

Never mind that we each had our own issues: too much wanderlust, a habit of falling in love with the wrong men. We live in a metropolitan area that has one of the largest percentages of single women in the United States. The more we thought about it, the more it began to make sense. At dawn, we were awakened in our airport hotel by the howls of sled dogs in a nearby kennel. Census Bureau titled “Population by Sex and Selected Age Groups for the United States, Regions, States, and Puerto Rico: 2010” contains a telling statistic: For every 100 women in Alaska, there are 108.5 men.We launched into a debate familiar to single women over 22 in the greater Washington area: Is it us? Add to that the idea that many guys here are more interested in power than in romance, and you have a potent recipe for single-gal gloom. Alaska has the highest man-to-woman ratio of any of the 50 states. It was a lonely, mournful sound, but it felt like the perfect welcome. For every 100 women in the District, there are 89.5 men, fewer than in any of the 50 states.Our married colleague Freddy, who was noshing on a container of leftovers, piped up. We were used to blue-suited guys who hunched over their phones and dragged around briefcases stuffed with legal documents — or the nuclear codes. (True, the District is a city and not a state, but come on.) No wonder Bloomberg put out a story last year headlined “Women’s dating odds slim in D.” *** Annie To me, the ratio of single men to women in Washington is a bummer.I often end up at parties with large crowds of single women, married couples and gay men.I could walk into a party, whether I knew the people or not, and make connections on an intimate, open level. Where was the man who could kill dinner and cook it over a fire from the wood he’d chopped — then have his woman for dessert?


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