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I was like wow, ‘cause he got what I was trying to do.It was so cool, because he understood where I was going with certain things. I’m floored when I get that, so in that respect I feel like I do get my respect.Currently readying her first domestic release in 4 years ‘In Love & War’ on new label Island Def Jam, the ‘1 Thing’ singer chats with us about the album, why she left Columbia Records, whether or not she feels underrated, album sales, reports about her almost being dropped by Def Jam and so much more. Well the album is all about the turbulent times in a relationship. It’s pretty much about the different facets of a relationship that enables it to grow or kind of cause it to die out.

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After I heard it when it was done and it was playing in my car for the first time, I just felt like wow if I can pick a record that I wanted people to hear from me first it would be this.

This is really emotionally and sonically so much of who I am.

For me though, I just want people to enjoy the music. That’s why it’s important to have people around that are great at what they do with promotions and marketing. When it comes to myself I like to stay in creative mode as much as I can. When I meet different people, like when I meet different producers…like I met Teddy Riley…he totally understands my style and said all these things about what I created and my contributions to music and I was kind of floored.

I feel like when you have someone like Teddy Riley who is a freaking legend and genius and they recognize what you do…and I was talking to Questlove and he was breaking down what I do.

The Grammy-nominated artist, who now goes by Ameriie, added an I to her name to reflect positive energy.

She announced the change to last month, but didn’t go public with it until her new Twitter page (@Its Ameriie) was set up.

I’m signed to Def Jam through a company that I co-founded which Sam: We can’t shy away from the reports which surfaced on Billboard a few weeks back which insinuated there were creative differences between yourself and LA Reid prior to the finalisation of this new project, which had your place at the label in question. I’m always saying if it were up to me I would just like pass it out to everybody for free. Of course, the label does not want to do that (laughs).

That wouldn’t be cool, because it does take money to create the music. We have artists that are signed to us that I have to think about how we are going to market and promote them.

Though, I usually have that on every album in some capacity Sam: While many of your fans love the old sound, I am among those who latched onto Amerie from the ‘Because I Love’ It album and it’s retro feel with tracks like ‘Crush’ and ‘Crazy Wonderful’. Amerie: As far as those who really like ‘Crush’ and ‘Crazy Wonderful’? There’s none of that on this album, because I feel as though I already got that out my system. There might be a couple of other features for the project, but they may not be on the album or not. I worked with really talented people and I was able to accomplish the sound that I really wanted for this album.

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