Android news widget not updating

Please provide us with your username and we will activate your account.

To stop this, please go to Settings (in your device, not in the app itself) and select Weather Pro.

In Program Settings, change Reset Data Cache to “ON”.

To fix the problem simply move Weather Pro to your internal memory space, reboot your device and then reload the widget.

If the data is not updating or is not displayed at all, this means that Weather Pro is failing to communicate with our database server.

Once set, the level will apply to all locations in your favourites list.

Premium users can also see alerts for their favourite locations on the homescreen widgets and can opt to receive alerts for these locations in the notification bar.

After entering the username, password and e-mail address, we will automatically send you a verification email with a confirmation link.

However, this verification email is being “blocked” by some providers (currently mainly GMX) so if you do not receive the verification email please contact our support team.

Some of the warnings are broken down into levels to indicate the intensity of the weather condition.

For example, warning levels for storms are as follows: Level 1 = High winds of force 8-9 on the Beaufort Scale Level 2 = Strong gusts of wind, force 10-11 on the Beaufort Scale Level 3 = Gale force winds, force 11-12 on the Beaufort Scale Weather Pro allows you to select the level at which you want to receive warnings. To receive all warnings select Level 1, to receive mid-level warnings select Level 2 or, if you only want to receive warnings for the highest level, select Level 3.

For an overview of the features available on Weather Pro please visit select the relevant device.


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