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Or it may have been used in one of the churches in or near Antioch. Arguments are still advanced (notably by Joly 1979) that call into question the authenticity of these documents, but the researches of Zahn (1873) and Lightfoot (1885, 1889) and their followers continue to dominate the scholarship.

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3.36) places Ignatius' martyrdom in the reign of Trajan (A. 98-117), and a date in the second half of Trajan's reign or somewhat later seems to fit the picture of the conditions reflected in the letters.

Thus the authenticity of (a) what is not often, though misleadingly, called the "middle recension" is generally accepted.

Predictably, the woman (a prim, bespectacled Shannen Doherty) always said yes, and the driveling fraternity slob said no.

Much of the script was lifted almost verbatim from the sexual offense policy of Antioch College. That's too bad, because it's a serious, if touchingly earnest, attempt to deal with a real problem.

You could obtain permission to do something without being clunky about it. If permission must be sought for a kiss, and if previous permission isn't to be taken as permission in the future, a student could risk serious consequences with a spontaneous smooch delivered to a longtime lover who happened to be in a bad mood.

The policy stipulates that verbal consent is required for any sexual contact or conduct that is not "mutually and simultaneously initiated." Here is fertile ground for misunderstandings galore. A recent "Saturday Night Live" segment featured a game show called "Is It Date Rape?" Confronted with hypothetical situations, a male and female contestant had to say whether each constituted date rape.The term short recension, then, would serve most accurately to describe the so-called middle recension and is often so used.I am surprised that no one here has mentioned that Fahrin Jaffer has numerous criminal convictions for fraud, theft, impaired driving, dangerous driving, etc.By the same token, (b) the so-called "long recension" is usually regarded as a 4th-century (perhaps Neo-Arrian) revision (Hagerdorn 1973: xxxvii-lii) consisting of interpolations into the original letters and the addition of 6 spurious letters.

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