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In addition to protecting you, it will prevent your loved ones from having to cover your expenses or leaving them in a financial rut.

When you add a hybrid long-term care insurance plan added to your life insurance care policy, you accelerate the death benefit to pay for your long-term care expenses.

After you qualify for the requirements, benefits are paid income tax-free.

So, while you may never have to use the money for long-term care, your loved ones will still benefit.

By choosing this option, your beneficiaries will receive any of your unused long-term care benefits, or 10% of the your base policy’s amount specified, whichever amount is greater.

This is the major advantage of adding a long-term care rider to your policy.

Your invested money won’t be going to waste, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your beneficiary will be protected financially.

Because so many are living longer than ever before, you need to make sure you are going to be taken care of financially.

Nationwide offers the option for a long-term care rider that you can purchase at the time of your policy.Besides the music, there are certain classic story elements that make the play easy to relate to even in this day and age.We might be living in a world with vastly different technologies and attitudes as 1930s Depression-era America but certain topical elements from Anything Goes still manage to resonate with us today.Ever since its original production in 1934, Anything Goes has gone through an almost endless amount of productions both on and off Broadway. This website contains analysis that steps you through why Anything Goes continues to engage us more than 80 years since it graced Broadway.While the story of this musical play has gone through four major revisions-each paired with a production revival-Anything Goes’ magic is rooted in its solid music courtesy of the incomparable Cole Porter.The big changes introduced by later revivals focus on bringing back a cut scene as well as different musical sequences. On the whole, the story that weaves the whole musical together remains the same.

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