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These parcels travelled by Government store ships and transports.

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Specific restrictions for the 5-digit Military Post Office ZIP Code you're shipping to will be outlined in the label-printing process.

Check the most recent Postal Bulletin for the most up-to-date regulations and requirements.

This was designed to prevent drunkenness and became the world's first International Money Order Service.

In its first month of operation £7,000 was remitted by the British troops.

When you send a package overseas through military mail, you will need to follow that country's restriction policies and include customs forms.

Find out how easy it is to print a shipping label with customs forms from your home printer.

In 1881 a rebellion broke out in Egypt which threatened Britain's passage to India through Suez.

In response a British Expeditionary Force was sent to Egypt in the same year under the command of Sir Garnet Wolseley.

USPS Policies and Procedures Print your own shipping label with postage and you'll be stepped through the customs form specific to the country you're sending to.

You'll take the guessing out of the paperwork and can print your form right from your home printer.

Each shipment to an APO/FPO/DPO needs the recipient's name and rank, their unit, and the APO/FPO/DPO address with 9-digit ZIP Code. Mail and shipments must be addressed to someone specific as addressing to "Any Service Member" is no longer permitted.

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