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If, after a while, you realize you like this person, there’s an option to reveal your identity.

Since you won’t know who your potential match is or what he or she looks like, you’ll have to trust your friend’s judgment.

Those two lucky lovers are then sent an invitation to chat, and the matchmaking is complete. If your friend “hitches” you with somebody, you’ll only know the gender and the age of the person you’re chatting to.

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- Be passionate about music that doesn't suck (no Back Street Boys).

- Enjoy HGTV, Lifetime, TLC, Animal Planet & Food Network.

A matchmaker can even see when the pair reveals their identities to each other, which is the ultimate reward. “And the story continues.” Gu drew much of his inspiration for this app from real life.

Matchmakers instantly see the results of their efforts. “Inspiration for Hitch really came from personal experience.

Anyway, below is the actual email, with her name removed for privacy.

If you sent me this (and you know who you are, let me know if you want me to remove it. - What is the most interesting place you have ever had sex? ” Gu and his team wondered what it would be like to replace this algorithm with a real person.To use the app, you log in with your Facebook account and choose two friends to match together. - Be able to explain hockey, baseball and football rules to me. - Have good communication skills, and enjoy talking about nonsense. Gone are the days of organic meetings in bars (just kidding, hopefully); they have been replaced by fancy Tinder algorithms and OKCupid.


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  4. So join us after the break as we break down the Thunder Bolt and its place atop of the smartphone mountain.

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