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I will support you any way I can before, during, and after treatment.I am familiar with many different programs and believe treatment should be individualized.""Are you seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one?I am familiar with many different programs and believe treatment should be individualized.""Shadow Mountain Recovery is an addiction rehab program for young men and women in Taos, New Mexico.

Finding the right treatment can be a complicated and confusing process. As a therapist and person in recovery, I know the importance of finding a program or therapist that is the best fit.

My role is to provide guidance and support, and give you options so that you can choose.

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Programs are designed to help the still-suffering alcoholic and drug addict get sober and stay sober for life.

We help identify and address emotional and behavioral obstacles to long-term recovery, as well as to develop and implement proven Relapse-Prevention techniques.

We are The Joint Commission Accredited, meeting the possible standards in the health care industry.""Designed for younger adults in their 20's, 30's & 40's, Arizona Addiction Recovery Center is recognized as one of the nation's premier addiction treatment centers for a category of patients that are most prone to relapse.

The AARC program addresses the many areas inherent to these individuals that are often the root causes for eventual relapse following a period of sobriety.

"Elm Tree Recovery is an intensive and comprehensive young adult drug rehab facility that addresses and treats the roots of addiction in a residential setting with a combined simultaneous emphasis on obtaining education.

We offer an initial 90-day inpatient rehabilitation program addressing not only drugs and alcohol, but also treatment for dual diagnosis, trauma recovery, and other compulsive behaviors.

We are a 90 day-6 month residential treatment center.


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