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Meanwhile, Masaki imagines she is falling down a dark hole but is not alone.The Hollow spirit approaches her but stops when Isshin appears, catching her and declaring that he is going to protect her.

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Masaki eventually came to the injured Isshin Shiba's rescue, firing at the "Black Hollow" he was facing, attracting its attention.

When she realized that the creature was too fast for her to accurately aim at, she allowed it to get in close and bite her so that she could shoot it from point-blank range.

When Ichigo asked him why nobody ever blamed him for his mother's death, Isshin explained to him that if he was to blame Masaki's death on him, Masaki would get mad at him. "The woman I fell in love with..a woman who could die protecting her son." When the Kurosaki family visited Masaki's grave, Grand Fisher returned as he could sense their high spiritual power.

During the fight, when Ichigo began to lose, her memory upon being killed was released from Grand Fisher's lure, telling Ichigo her last thoughts before she died.

All she could think about was how much fun they all had together, and for Ichigo to never stop smiling.

Her spirit gave Ichigo the strength to nearly kill the Hollow, forcing him to retreat.Isshin then uses Getsuga Tenshō to kill the Hollow.With the Hollow gone, Masaki begins frantically questioning Isshin.When Masaki was a teenage girl, she was the last of the Kurosaki family.She was taken in by Ryūken Ishida's mother so that she would be protected as one of the last Quincy, and so that one day she would marry Ryūken and keep the Quincy Bloodline of the Ishida family pure, due to the Quincy being an endangered race.When she was a teenager, she put out a strong, confident front around others, though she was nervous around her adoptive mother and cried when she was alone.

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