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According to one onlooker’s report, they were holding hands and canoodling all night!

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She was always on Bella’s side, but now she’s torn and she doesn’t quite know what to do.

She can’t see the future and she has this static in her head, so she’s very frustrated and confused. I just read it and, if it appeals to me, we dig a little bit deeper into it.

GREENE: I think I’ve learned how to cope with it better, and I think that I’ve grown up a little.

I was 20 when we started and now I’m 24, and there is a lot of growing up to do between those ages, so I think that’s part of it.

Maybe my family is a big part of that too, because they keep me very grounded.

My friends and my family are my rock, and they’re the ones who have been there from the beginning.The actual aesthetic of the wedding was a surprise to me and a lot of people because, out of nowhere, they just created it one day and we were ushered to set. It was also drizzling and it was kind of slippery, so I had to put a lot of trust in my dance partner. He’s actually really skilled in that area, so he made it very easy to learn. You could tell he was very passionate and very dedicated to what he was doing, and believed in the film and our characters. Normally, Alice is normally a ray of sunshine, but this time, she’s much more frustrated because she can’t see what’s happening. GREENE: Well, it wasn’t so fun to film, but it was exciting to prep it and talk to Bill about it.If you have a good partner who knows what they’re doing, he’s the lead I’m following, so it was really nice. He came in with a lot of respect for what we had previously created, but had a lot of ideas to create new layers to our characters and to the film, as a whole. As an actor, you always want your character to grow.What was it like to get to work with Bill Condon, this time around? I didn’t ever want her to be stagnant or get boring and just be the same thing.These vampire have been around for 100 years, so they’ve seen a lot and they’ve done a lot.Read on for the most revealing and honest selections from Joe's interview.

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