Atheist dating christian girl 12

Even at the expense of life, and harm, and untold suffering.

Atheist dating christian girl 12

We are in essence the thinking outlaws, spreading a cure amongst people that is unwanted by the masses.

We scare them, and panic them, plague them with worries.

(Unless they are Jews) The ontological argument fails.

The argument for design fails, the argument of god can’t be known fails. This leaves religious people with only fear and anger.

Some atheists have just abandoned the faith and see no reason to believe.

This doesn’t qualify as religion, but religion does, and explaining to someone who refuses to see how you are different, why you are different can be nearly impossible. Convinced that there is dogmatism in us all, and that we are controlled by some grand designer, whether by permission, or circumstance.

Mostly because the desire to be loved and cared for is there, maybe more so, because we are smart.

Smart people often face a harder time with love, because it is hard to be accepted when you can point out all the flaws in people and the logic you seek so hard.

It can be hard because you might not have been exposed to all the in’s and out of social life, and the social norms.

Atheists have some of the hardest lives, because they strive to be more than just mindless people following, but they happen to be some of our greatest minds.

Spending time defending your lack of belief over and over can be daunting for even the best of us. These kind of people want to put us under the control of religion, siting every possible flaw in our life as the need to return to mindlessly following along the religious spectrum.


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