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With one look, or sarcastic remark, she can cut you down to size better than anyone in Hollywood.

To get Scott (and us) ready for Aubrey’s cutting bon mots, we thought we’d take a look back at a few choice quotes that prove she’s the new queen of throwing shade.

) stars Aubrey Plaza as a woman so invested in a social media star (Elizabeth Olsen) that she moves to Los Angeles to attempt and “befriend” her.

Here’s the plot description: Thee film follows a young woman named Ingrid (Plaza) who becomes obsessed with a social media star named Taylor Sloane (Olsen) with a seemingly perfect life.

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A new twist on this subgenre of stalking movies (don’t worry, heterosexuals have some of their own!

During her high school, she was a student council president.

Plaza has once suffered a stroke that caused her temporary paralysis and expressive aphasia when she was at NYU in 2004.Plaza also has two younger sisters named Renee and Natalie. As her father is Puerto Rican and mother is Irish-English, Plaza was raised Roman Catholic.She has a mixed ethnicity of Puerto, Irish and English and holds American nationality.After her separation with Michael Cera, she is having an affair with her new boyfriend who is a director and writer named Jeff Baena since 2011.Since then the couple is seen staying and working together mostly.Moreover, in 2014, Plaza was in Cassorla's "Bona Fide" video where she played saxophone for the first time professionally. She first dated an actor named Michael Cera for about 18 months.

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