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Savita bhabhi ki 39 size ki gaand ko dekhta hai to woh machal uthta hai.

Raj savita bhabhi ki gaand ko dekh kar samajh gaya tha ki peticoatt ke under panty nahi hai.tabhi savita bhabhi bolti hai--oyiii maa, Raj mujhe machar ne kata.

(apni gaand ke taraf ishara karke bolti hai) pls yaha khujla do, mere haath giley hai.

Savita bhabhi dhirey se apni tangey aur phela deti hai aur apni gaand ko achi tarah se khol deti hai.

"Raj, bich main bhi khujli ho rahi hai, bich main bhi khuja do pls."Bahar se Vinod dekhta hai Raj kis tarah se apne haath se savita bhabhi ki gehri gaand ke darar par haath fer raha hai.

Raj left chuttar ko khujane lagta hai aur ab khujane ke saath saath savita bhabhi ki mast mansal gaand ko dabne bhi lagta hai.

Savita bhabhi--haan Raj, dabtey huwey khujatey raho. Raj savita bhabhi ki mast gaand ko dabne lagta hai, woska darr dhirey dhirey khatam hongey laga hai aur woh bebak ho kar savita bhabhi ki colony ki sabse popular gaand ko khub dil laga kar dabne lagta hai.

thodi der baad savita bhabhi khadi ho jati hai, window ke taraf pith karke. Vinod ke ankho ke samne dhirey dhirey Savita bhabhi ki gori moti tangey nangi hongey lagti hai, thighs ko dekh aur exited ho jata hai, peticoat upar karti hai aur savita bhabhi ki talk of the town gaand ki starting curve ko dekh kar woh pagal ho jata hai.

savita bhabhi raj ko apni chut ke taraf ishara karke bolti hai--raj isko bhi khujla do pls.vinod dekhta hai, raj apne ek haath ko savita bhabhi ki tango ke bich le jata hai aur dhirey dhirey woski chut ko sahlane lagta hai.

Vinod ka plan tha window se woh Savita bhabhi ki chudai ka video banayega. Raj ko sirf yeh bataya ki agar kuch gadbar huwa, ya koi agaya to woh window se bhag sakta hai.


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