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“People were coming up to Candy every five minutes and my wife asked her how on earth she dealt with it.

'With a mixture of irritation and entitlement,’ came Candy’s reply.

She died in 1990 after canceling the project and her ghostwriter, Peter Evans, took the tapes to his grave last year. PHOTOS: Top Celebrity Sex Scandals Her first husband was Mickey Rooney who she revealed had the nickname Mickey Hard-On.

She quotes Rooney as saying, “I wanted to f**k you the moment I saw you.” Gardner was an 18-year-old virgin at the time, and told Evans, “I was shocked.

She described how, as a 19-year-old on her first day on the MGM lot, she met first love Mickey Rooney, who told her, “I wanted to bed you the moment I saw you” — then cheated on her in the first week of their marriage.

She told Evans how Howard Hughes taught her to be a better lover, adding that she nearly killed him with a marble ashtray in a fit of rage once, but MGM hushed it up.

And on every occasion that we met — except when I arranged for her to meet [Simon & Schuster executive] Dick Snyder — she wore velour tracksuits. The meeting with Snyder was a very big deal and she transformed herself into a movie star in this wonderful black dress and high heels, showing off the legs she was still proud of. “She had hired a lighting man to make sure she looked her best and a butler to serve Cristal champagne.

'I have to get a little pie-eyed to talk about myself, honey,’ she said.It would have been a hard for any woman to bear, he says, but for one called “the world’s most beautiful animal”, it was unbearably sad.“The stroke had really taken it out of her,” Victor sighs.(“I either write the book or sell the jewels,” Gardner had told Evans when she first contacted him about the project, “and I’m kind of sentimental about the jewels.”) As a man with a client list that includes Nigella Lawson — one of his closest friends and about whom he is tight-lipped amid her marital trauma — Frederick Forsyth, Keith Richards and U2, Victor, the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, has never been easily star-struck.Indeed, he’s a star himself, with his own table at the Wolseley restaurant, a cocktail named after him at the Ivy and the motto “Why stay in when you can go out? And on her behalf he embarked on a labour of love that will finally be published next week after nearly a quarter of a century, despite the deaths of both subject and author, and Victor having to finish writing the memoirs himself.“Ava dealt with it exactly the same way.” 'Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations’ by Peter Evans will be published by Simon & Schuster on July 2 at £20.


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