Avg 2016 general error when updating

Make sure that the and set a time when your computer is on, but you’re not doing any heavy processing.

This helps AVG run in the background while you’re not trying to do any work, which could slow down your computer.

I produced a configuration blog many years ago when I owned and operated The Computer Wizard in Plano, Texas. In the years since I published the original version, there have been some big changes in the AVG interface and the options have changed somewhat, so it was time for a new configuration blog anyway.

The screenshots here are from Cloud Care, but the sections are pretty similar to all the other versions of AVG, so you will be OK following these recommendations no matter which version of AVG you have installed.

If you install updates to all your programs, you don’t necessarily need to increase your protection level.

But if you’re using Windows XP or haven’t installed updates, this option can be beneficial.

Some examples are web browser toolbars or hidden programs installed along with other programs.

You don’t need to activate because it may warn AVG about old software that isn’t dangerous anymore.

This requires your program to connect to AVG Antivirus Free 2015. This will let AVG look at files with specific code that can tell if the files are dangerous.

It’s important to note while AVG may flag some emails as dangerous, these emails may be safe.

If your main email is only accessed online, you can disable the option is only required if you have a separate email app installed.

If you use an email program, it’s recommended that you enable options for full protection.

If you always delete the tracking cookies, you will have to reenter your information because the site will think you are visiting for the first time. This will let AVG scan external flash drives once they’re connected to the computer.

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