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This is money the customers should be paying to BCM for their electricity bill.

BCM issued a stern warning to those who willingly cooperate with the scammers.

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BCM city manager Andile Sihlahla said evidence collected so far included information pertaining to 14 businesses in the metro and 11 domestic electricity accounts.

However, the number of consumers not paying a cent for the power they use stands at a staggering 10099.

Since April 2004, when she led a panel discussion on campus titled “Take Back the Date,” Cronin has emerged as a relationships guru of sorts, speaking to packed student audiences on such topics as “The Imperfect Art of Dating,” “Dating 101,” and “Sex and the Single Student.” She has also taken her message off campus, delivering talks at Fairfield and Case Western universities, among other schools.

The title of a talk she gave in February 2011 at Boston College summarizes her direct approach: “10 Reasons Why You’re Not Dating and What to Do About It.” Cronin recently sat for an interview with Amy Frykholm that became the cover story of the January 25 issue of I stumbled into it through conversations with students.

“They don’t read the meters as their by-laws state they should.

They simply charge you whatever they want to charge you.” Theart said they attended the IDP roadshows and they made no objections as they believed the increases were reasonable.

The more we talked about it, the more I detected both wistfulness and anxiety among the students over the thought of graduating without having developed the basic social courage to go on a date. When my faculty friends and I first decided to give a talk on dating and relationships, we met for weeks ahead of time, trying to anticipate all the controversial questions that might come up.

We thought, “They are going to ask us when they should have sex.” When the Q&A period started, we were on pins and needles expecting difficult questions that might be pointed and controversial. I’ll never forget the girl who stood up and asked, “How would you ask someone out on a date?

This comes after BCM executive mayor Xola Pakati’s 2017-18 integrated development plan (IDP) review, medium-term revenue and expenditure framework (MTREF) and built environment performance plan (BEPP) report was approved in the last council meeting two weeks ago.

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