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You can make contacts by email or by online-chatting with disabled singles worldwide.

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It provides number of enterprise ready features that are only available on proprietary e-commerce software.

Compared to other open source ecommerce solutions, nop Commerce’s project structure is very well managed and easier to customize and extend. Net 4.5 MVC4 and using latest techniques like Inversion of Control & Dependency Injection to make it even robust.

Bethesda has release preliminary patch notes for Skyrim Update 1.4, and said the patch is current undergoing testing on all three platforms.

The patch notes are listed below, and because of this, we must warn you that certain entries may contain *spoliers*. The update will include fixes and optimizations for the most common issues reported, and the firm hopes to have it finalized this next week, and submitted it to the console manufacturers for certification.

With few modifications, it can be scaled to support larger e-commerce portals.

Faster data retrieval is the key for any high traffic e-commerce website.

Now imagine a system that is specifically designed to retrieve data blazingly fast yet allow you to store data with same flexibility & relationships as you have in traditional RDBMS like MSSQL. Apache Solr stores data in a single document kind of structure so it doesn’t need to make joins every time data is retrieved.

And for speedier retrieval, it stores everything in its index with reverse indexing just like Web Search Engines like Google do.

So instead of making queries to the database, your store will be making queries to the Apache Solr which doesn’t slow down your store, and utilizes lesser RAM & CPU which make your nop Commerce store more reliable and gives you more room to scale.

Apache Solr is an open source Ultra-fast Lucene-based Search Server.

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