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Since then, the Million Mom March Foundation has been working hard to keep up the momentum.

Now, in addition to lobbying for sensible gun laws, the foundation focuses on public education and sup- port for victims and survivors of gun trauma, com- ponents President Mary Leigh Blek says she's "particularly proud of." Also making her proud are the more than 225 chapters that have sprung up in 46 states.

It'll make a huge difference" -Sharon Epel, who wrote our special report, "Mom, Am I Fat? Miller Production Director Catherine Merolle Production Monoger Angela Orfini MEREDIt H PUBLISHING GROUP President Christopher M. Meredith, III The Journal cannot process unsolicited manuscripts or art material, and the Publisher assumes no responsibility whatsoever for their return Postmaster Send address changes to Ladies' Home Journal. How io Liner There arc wo was-s 10 enter: ( 1 ) on ihc Intcrner. R2XC, zip code, daytime and evening iclcpl along with a brief description of vour favorite road trip destination (optional) on a 3" x 5" piece of paper, and mail your ditty (in an envelope! | n 1 999, average number of cards carried by Americans: • Percentage of people who say they spend more when using a credit card: 34 • Average estimated credit-card debt as of October 1999: $1,751 • Percentage of credit-card users who carry balances from month to month: 54 Estimated total amount, in billions, of revolving credit owed in 1968: 2 • Estimated total amount, in billions, of revolving credit owed in 2000: 626 • Number of credit-card solicitations sent out each year: 4 billion (about 43 per household) All Day Moisture Foundation It's not just ordinary foundation. ©2000 P&G Co.^Nfc^ Also try All Day Moisture Stick. OLAY January THE NEW NEW THING They're not just for serving sushi anymore.

" (page 74) CHRIS STANFORD TASK: To photograph a woman who sails to fight stress in "The Decision That Changed My Life" (page 84). I even helped to steer." STACEY COLINO "Women, including myself, tend to spend so much energy taking good care of everyone else," says the author of "Seven Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick" (page 58) and "The Decision That Changed My Life" (page 84). Kathryn Casey, Ronny Fnshman, Ellen Galinsky Dianne Hales, Mary C. Little Creotive Services Ellen De Lathouder Manufacturing Bruce Heston Consumer Marketing Karla Jeffries Croup Soles Jerry Kaplan Operations Dean Pieters Finance ond Administration Max Runciman ^fleredith I CORPORATION Chairman & Chief Executive Officer William T. vwt the Web site listed above, and complcic the entry form a* prompted. Black- and red-lacquered trays are the must-have Asian-inspired item of the moment.

"I'rri excited by the new energy and focus our chapters bring to our movement," says Blek, whose son, Matthew, was shot and killed during an attempted robbery in 1994.

"I'm confident that we will be successful." Modeling themselves on the most influential grassroots organi- zation to date.

Penal Code of California 1915, Section 623 January Zappers: Have a 3 9042 05166436 2 Catherine Zeta-Jones New Baby, New Man, New Life: How she got what she really wanted t's ahead f o ears, Faith yen, Julia Roberts, Britney Hunt and Renee Zellweger it \tm mm it i J u~ U Tune in to our "Women to Watch" special on CBS Protective Non-Drip Color Creme EXCELLENCE Excellence Creme protects as you color, with rich, insulating cream that doesn't drip. IS' HOME )URNAL January 2001 On the Cover 58 SEVEN SECRETS OF PEOPLE WHO NEVER GET SICK Ever wonder why some people get through every cold and flu season with hardly a sniffle? These thirty smoldering ways will help you reconnect with your sexual self and revive desire in your body, mind and soul. Young girls and boys are increasingly absorbing the worst of society's attitudes about weight and appearance, leading kids as young as five to diet, skip meals and! Meet some of the movers and shakers bound to influence and in- spire us in the coming year and beyond. This magazine has been giving women information, en- tertainment and inspiration in three centuries! A trusted name in skin care, Eucerin, the #1 dermatologist-recommended brand. Some also provide links to consumer associations that could help you redress. Here, the top five causes of consumer dissatisfaction in the U. in 1999, according to the Better Business Bureau: 1 . Fortunately or not, nei- ther calendar's models appear in their birthday suits; even so, the yearly planners are turning regular Joes into demi-celebrities. have a little bit of a facial It's the most extraordinary way to wash your face. Resolution: "To more tolerant of people's otions, especially when :y've had a terrible day or in a bad mood." Strategy: y having more patience and oming a better listener." GOING PUBLIC It used to be that a journal was a woman's most private pos- session.

So protective, so gentle, you can color as often as you want. Steal their immunity-boosting, stay- healthy strategies. 88 WINTERPROOF ' ^ SKIN Ward off the harsh effects of winter with these twenty-five solutions that get your skin back on the bright side. At LHJ, we're proud ot our tradition, certainly, but even prouder that we are always looking ^_ ahead. Women to watc Catherine Zeta- Jones, Britney Spears and Marion Jones Don't miss our TV special "LADIES' HOME JOURNAL'S MOST FASCINATING WOMEN TO WATCH" on CBS, Monday, January 1, at 10 P. Eucerin PURESKINTHERAPY KATHRYN CASEY 3NMENT To interview the woman who blew the whistle on a medical trial that may have put patients' health at risk in 'The Nurse Who Knew Too Much" (page 94). Weiss Juli Chin Michelle Suarez Meredith Perez Publisher Michael L Brownstein Advertising Director Jami Opinsky Eastern Manager Lauren Decker Lerman New York Manager Brian Kightlinger Associote New York Monoger Leslie A. "Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman." "Can This Marriage Be Saved? Box 37508, Boone, IA 50037-0508 Please enclose your address label from a recent issue. If you wish to phone, call toll-free 800-374- 4545; fax, 515-433-1018. [10 January 2001/Ladies' Home Journal] No one else offers more ways to go from Point A to Points BCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. "We get let- ters from all over asking to meet the guys," says Joanne Gray, who scoured the shore- lines of Maine looking for eligible models. With one easy, disposable cloth, your skin is transformed. PROVEN TO CLEANSE AND EXFOLIATE LIKE A FACIAL com January NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS We all make them, but what's the trick to making them stick? Now, Web sites where women can post their personal outpour- ings are popping up J faster than you can say " Dear Diary. •In a major metropolitan area, we selected recognized department store liquid foundations making moisturization/hydration claims.

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Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 For Reference Do Not Take From the Library Every person who maliciously cuts, defaces, breaks or injures any book, map, chart, picture, engraving, statue, coin, model, apparatus, or other work of lit- erature, art, mechanics or ob- ject of curiosity, deposited in any public library, gallery, museum or collection is guilty of a misdemeanor. per cigarette by FTC EEL SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal ury, Premature Birth, And Low Birth Weight. By Sharon Epel 78 THE MOST FASCINATING WOMEN TO WATCH THIS YEAR Onscreen, in the boardroom and in the White House, these women are icons of grace, moxie and intellect. My sugges- tion: Tune in to Ladies' Home Journal's Most Fascinating Women to Watch TV special, which airs Monday, January 1, at 10 P. I think that's pretty amazing, and 1 bet you agree. Clinically proven to diminish lines in less than 5 weeks, without irritation. All of these sites operate on the theory that sharing your gripe — with as many people as possible — is therapeutic. Aged Beef: Men in Their Prime, created last year to raise funds for the National World War II Memorial, is a calendar featur- ing thirteen sexy seniors from Texas.

and Marriott Vacation Club Int January HOME IMPROVEMENT!

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