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Again, any apology needs to include public repentance and a plea for forgiveness from Larry King and the American people.

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I asked him several pointed questions about Bob Jones III's LKL interview including these three: "Are the Drs.

Bob Jones, [Bob Sr., Jr., III] in your mind, suitable examples of "men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom" on par with men like Stephen in Acts 6?

Bob Jones III has never begged forgiveness from the University family for deceiving us and abusing those within our number.

And, Bob Jones III continued the deception by deliberately issuing false statements to the American people regarding the Rules.

The authors of the Petition at Please Reconcile, Ignore, Defend, Forget, or Apologize?

have done an excellent job of concisely exposing the deception Bob Jones III employed on LKL to deceive Larry King and the American people about the true nature and history of BJU's interracial dating and marriage ban.

Working with the Charter cable local affiliate, they visited literary and historic sites where local historians, authors, and civic leaders were interviewed.

The history segments air on American History TV (AHTV) on C-SPAN3 and the literary events/non-fiction author segments air on Book TV on C-SPAN2.

Evangelist Bob Jones, Sr., founded Bob Jones University out of concern with the secularization of higher education. One of the earliest controversies to center on BJU was the break that occurred in the late 1950s between separatist fundamentalists and neo-evangelicals represented by the newly prominent evangelist Billy Graham.

(1947–1971); Bob Jones III, (1971–2005); Stephen Jones (2005—2014); and Steve Pettit, (2014 to the present), and its religious influence, its race relations, and its political influence have generated significant controversies.

Another thing that amazes me is that even BJU grads who oppose the bigotry practiced and propagated by the Joneses/BJU, are quick to label as "bigots" those who point out the interracial dating Rule deception practiced by Bob Jones III. Although he was seemingly for the Petition to BJU to publicly apologize for the interracial dating bigotry, he accused me of "bigotry" for citing well-established facts, supporting Scripture, and logical, rational conclusions regarding Bob Jones III's interracial dating ban deception.

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