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2 ) Minor scams :: Minor scams are very common and are found in almost all of the major jewelry chain stores to some degree.

Things like “misleading customers”, “overpricing”, “not honoring guarantees”, “tricks of the trade”, are all what I call “scams”. It is hard for consumers to educate themselves before they buy.

I think it was inevitable that, given the sheer size of the house, it would eventually go into the hands of a charitable trust.

And I think there’s something really nice about seeing a house that was built with the blood, sweat and tears of the working class, now owned by the nation.”Catherine adds: “Something that still gets me about this story is that, a couple more generations, and this story would have been lost forever.

Julie Kenny CBE is the Rotherham businesswoman who had the vision to save the house for the nation by setting up the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust, which raised £7million to buy it, and then persuaded the chancellor of the Exchequer to give £7m for urgent roof repairs in last year’s budget.

The total cost of repairs is estimated at £42m.“As one of the founder members of the Trust, it was such a dream,” smiles Julie.“Everone thought it was going to be impossible, but what’s happening here in Wentworth is proof that nothing is impossible.“I was first introduced to the house in 2011.

What William Thomas Wentworth-Fitzwilliam was trying to cover up with this drastic action remains a mystery to this day.“I’d come across the house during my time working as a television producer, scouting locations in Yorkshire,” says Catherine.“On my first visit, I made the mistake everybody makes, of thinking the stables was the house.

Then I saw it, and everything changed.”“I’ve always loved history and found myself doing some initial research in my spare time, where I came across the skeletons of this fascinating family story. I quit my job to put together an outline of the book that was in my head, which I then pitched to Penguin.I knew then that it was too beautiful not to share.It’s gone through so much in its life and I feel so lucky to be a part of the team that’s helping to design and develop its future; seeking to restore it to its rightful place.“The Chancellor’s announcement last year was, of course, the key to unlocking everything.Below are the common scams we see every day…and tips to help you avoid them.In the next lesson I will give you a few basic precautions to protect you against almost any of these “tricks of the trade” that increase profits for stores and decrease value for you.I’m hugely grateful to all the people who sat with me and teased out this story.

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