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None was evidence of sodomy, nor was Wilde ever charged with it.Queensberry's trial at the central criminal court, Old Bailey, on 3–5 April before Mr Justice Richard Henn Collins ended in Wilde's attempt to withdraw the prosecution after Queensberry's counsel, Edward Carson QC MP, sustained brilliant repartee from Wilde in the witness-box on questions about immorality in his works and then crushed Wilde with questions on his relations to male youths whose lower-class background was much stressed." Richard Ellmann, the author of (1988), has argued that Wilde abandoned the case rather than call Douglas as a witness.What the paradox was to me in the sphere of thought, perversity became to me in the sphere of passion.

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Two weeks later, Queensbury left his card at Wilde's club, the Albemarle, accusing him of being a "somdomite".

Wilde, Douglas and Ross approached solicitor Charles Octavius Humphreys with the intention of suing Queensberry for criminal libel.

I became the spendthrift of my own genius, and to waste an eternal youth gave me a curious joy.

Tired of being on the heights, I deliberately went to the depths in the search for new sensation.

Wilde never seems to have engaged in anal penetration either actively or passively." Ross also had a sexual relationship with Alfred Douglas.

While Douglas was staying with Ross they had sex with two young boys, aged 14 and 15.

However, Maureen Borland, the author of (1990) claims that this is a "scurrilous and uncorroborated suggestion" and that "it is much more likely that Alex Ross, Robert's elder brother and a literary critic, made the introduction, possibly at the Savile Club." It is believed that this was Wilde's first homosexual relationship.

Wilde's biographer, Owen Dudley Edwards, has argued that the relationship started after his wife lost interest in sex after the birth of their second son: "Remembering his father's sexual infidelities (resulting in at least three bastards), Wilde recoiled from the thought of sexual solace with other women, and Ross seems to have exploited his sexual hunger and refusal to betray his heterosexual bed.

The trial of Wilde and Taylor began before Justice Arthur Charles on 26th April.

Of the ten alleged sexual partners Queensberry's plea had named, five were omitted from the Wilde indictment.

I forgot that every little action of the common day makes or unmakes character, and that therefore what one has done in the secret chamber one has some day to cry aloud on the housetop. I was no longer the captain of my soul, and did not know it." In 1894 Alfred Douglas received a letter from his father, the 9th Marquess of Queensberry, on the subject of his friend, Oscar Wilde: "I now hear on good authority, but this may be false, that his wife is petitioning to divorce him for sodomy and other crimes. If I thought the actual thing was true, and it became public property I should be quite justified in shooting him in sight." Douglas replied with a brief telegram: "What a funny little man you are." This enraged Queensberry who decided to carry out more research into the behaviour of Wilde. William Archer asked: "What can a poor critic do with a play which raises no principle, whether of art or morals, creates its own canons and conventions, and is nothing but an absolutely wilful expression of an irrepressibly witty personality?


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