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She is also seen purchasing several True or Dire bottles while being camouflaged as Rhenna.

Medoner decides to audition for Brinty's iconic show, "X Fater", sometime in the first season.

After Adole's visist to Merrier Care's hospital, Medoner reveals that she stole one of Adole's song's, adding her own vocals.

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She holds particular contempt for Share (because of her age) and for Ladey Gags (for stealing her music and homosexual fanbase).

She is known for her relentless promotion of her latest album MDNE, her MDNE Tore, for her participation in Nekci's single "I Am Yuo Ledear" and "The Borbz", and for her inability to distinguish social media from older forms of communi cation. Medoner holds the record for the longest unbroken run of appearances in The Necki Menij Show and its official spin-offs, having appeared in every main episode between 'Da Quen B' and 'Comeback (Part 2)'.

Consequently, Nekci feels increasingly uncomfortable and even alarmed when she is near Medoner.

Those allegations are eventually dispelled when Kety Perr confesses that she attempted to murder Nekci in an effort to draw some attention to her struggling flim, "Kety Perr: Part of Me 3D".

Excerpts from her audition can be seen at Bayonse's talk show.

At first she performs her 1990 hit "Voge", to an unenthusiastic responce by Brinty, who critiques her by asserting that she is "20 yrs late", and suggesting she "stckd t de dey job, or maybe don't".After utilizing some questionable methods, she wins the big award instead of the favorite to win, Adole.However, Medoner is suspected for attempting to murder Nekci Menij at the end of the FMA show.Her stans are affectionately referred to as Little Medonsters.She is close to Nekci Menij, who is featured in some of her songs, and Rhenna, but has poor relationships with all the other flops, whom she shades constantly.Medoner is expected to attend Brinty's Halloween party.


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