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In fact, such is the scenario right now that Ranbir is also assuring that his ‘mystery woman’ remains a mystery and never falls prey to the paparazzi. Now that’s one surprising new development in Ranbir’s life, no? Comment in the box below and stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more updates on this story.

However, we can’t really comment on Ranbir’s relationship status on the basis of this above story considering Ranbir is in no mood to get into a serious relationship right now.

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In fact, proving the same, we have also been getting you awkward pictures of the ex-couple from the sets of Jagga Jasoos, which only prove how their reconciliation is far from happening.

However, wait until you check out this latest update.

Sashi Kapoor had a fairytale romance and marriage, unlike some of his contemporaries.

He fell in love with British theatre actress Jennifer Kendall when they met in Kolkata in 1956.

Milind Soman had a famous relationship with co-model Madhu Sapre for many years, but they never got married.

He met his co-actress Mylene Jampanoi on the sets of ‘Valley of Flowers’ in 2006.

He began touring with her troupe – and they got married two years later.

She acted in a number of his films, and died of colon cancer in 1984.

Turns out Ranbir is already over his break-up phase as he is now getting too close for comfort with this new girl in his life. Our source EXCLUSIVELY spilled the beans saying Ranbir is constantly in touch with a certain Delhi based girl who for all that we know, does not belong to the industry.

They met through a common set of friends and have been attracted to each other ever since.

She is in a very happy marriage – and is now a mom to a pair of twins too!


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