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For example, the application only takes BOMs that are relevant to production into account, so a BOM that is relevant to sales and distribution is not exploded.-- The application selects a specific alternative on the explosion date you require.

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The UTF-8 BOM offers reliable encoding detection, since it is extremely short and stable, works in XML and HTML, and works whether your page is read over the network or not (unlike HTTP declarations).

However, bear in mind that it is always a good idea to declare the encoding of your page using the meta element, in addition to the BOM, so that the encoding is apparent to people looking at the source text.

The name BYTE ORDER MARK is an alias for the original character name ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE (ZWNBSP).

With the introduction of U 2060 WORD JOINER, there's no longer a need to ever use U FEFF for its ZWNSP effect, so from that point on, and with the availability of a formal alias, the name ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE is no longer helpful, and we will use the alias here. Before UTF-8 was introduced in early 1993, the expected way for transferring Unicode text was using 16-bit code units using an encoding called UCS-2 which was later extended to UTF-16.

The material master record supports alternative determination by Explosion date.

If the specified alternative is not valid on the explosion date, the BOM is not exploded.- No BOM matches the selection criteria of the BOM application you selected.- This is possible in the following situations, for example: -- The application does not take all BOM usages into account.Also there are a number of situations where the BOM, particularly because it is invisible, may cause a problem.See the section below for more information about those.You will find that some editors (such as Notepad on Windows) will always add a BOM when you save a file with the UTF-8 encoding, others will offer you a choice.

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