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Between then and 2004, Diffie charted 35 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, five of which peaked at No.

1: his debut release "Home", "If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets)", "Third Rock from the Sun", "Pickup Man" (his longest-lasting No. In addition to these singles, he has had 12 others reach the Top 10 and ten more others reach the Top 40 on the same chart.

The Shroud of Turin and Veronica's veil tell us a lot about his Middle Eastern features; however, our faith is best served by depending on the one authenticated source, the Gospels.

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Aside from his physical attributes, Jesus knew exactly what he wanted. Everything that he did proceeded from his passionate desire to fulfill the will of the Father.

Unlike the complicated discourse of many philosophers and religious leaders, Our Lord's teaching is simple and easy enough for everyone to understand.

Only once did he show the magnificence of his divinity before a select group of apostles.

Even then, during the Transfiguration, the experience was brief, simple, and discreet.

When Joseph of Arimathea requested his body for burial, Pilate was surprised to discover that Jesus had died so quickly.

Pilate knew that he had encountered a strong Galilean.In his last two years in high school, Diffie played football, baseball, and golf in addition to running track; in his senior year he was recognized as Best All-Around Male Athlete.After graduating, he attended Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma.He slept many nights under the stars, and he spent much of that time in the bliss of silent prayer.He found little time to eat because of the multitudes seeking his healing touch, and yet when he did find time to rest, he slept so profoundly that not even a terrible storm could awaken him. During the hours of tribulation in Gethsemane, he persevered in profound prayer while the apostles slept.The long hours spent at hard work in the carpenter shop had prepared him well for the grueling task of his public ministry.


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  2. Guilliman had been hoping to find a solution to the Imperium's tortured dating system; he had instead found there was none.

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  4. Born June 25 (July 7), 1854, in Borok, in present-day Nekouzskii Raion, Yaroslavl Oblast; died there July 30, 1946.

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