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When there, and in the grips of demonic possession, his grandmother maintained, her youngest grandson – growling and gurning – walked backwards towards a wall then glided up it, walking backwards to above her head height, holding her hands all the way as she tried to coax him down and ‘it’ out, before flipping over her head and landing on the floor.Speaking to Mail Online he said: ‘Everyone of us who was there that day in the basement and who saw what we saw, went through what we went through after…we all think the same, we all call it the same. Capt Austin, 62, said: ‘The sergeant told me that the children had been missing school and there was talk of satanic goings on. I contacted some people, high-ranking officers; we decided to take a look.Instead he would conduct one minor and three major exorcisms on mother-of-three Latoya and told Mail Online that he himself had been the target of demonic attack for his involvement in the case.

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She says the house ‘dripped oil,’ that shadowy figures walked the rooms at night, that footsteps could be heard coming up from the basement only to be followed by a furious pounding on the door leading from it to the main house when, in increasing terror, she and her mother put a lock on it.

There were swarms of dead horseflies on the porch – swept up one day only to return in equal abundance the next.

He doesn’t believe in the sort of ‘garbage’ he thought he was being fed in by the two women at Caroline Street in Gary two springs ago.

Frozen finger: On one visit to the house a DCS worker Samantha Illic touched a cabinet seeping a clear oil.

A nurse and a CPS worker later reported seeing her nine-year-old son run backwards up a wall before flipping over to the ground As she showed the investigating officers, accompanied by social worker Valerie Washington, around the home in May 2012, Rose repeatedly stopped to recall the events which had, by that time, driven the family from the residence.

Downstairs in the basement, a focus for much of the disturbances, Rosa recalled an occasion on which she was down there alone doing some cleaning: ‘I started coughing and joking so bad…I was praying the whole time and they don’t like for us to pray. On another occasion she said that her daughter, Latoya and godson were in the basement when, according to Rosa: ‘He felt like something was stabbing him in the stomach.

In a chilling aside, in a separate audio recording made by one of the officers as he took pictures while his colleague filmed – audible here exclusively at Mail Online – the two officers’ speech is cut across by a whispered, but clear, ‘Hey.’ Neither said or heard it at the time.

At one point, Latoya Ammons’s mother, Rosa Campbell, who acted as ‘paranormal tour guide’ to the officers drawn from Gary, Lake County and Hammond Police Departments, admitted saying to her daughter: ‘Nobody’s going to believe this, Toya.’Certainly few involved in the case wanted to when it began in early spring 2012.

The more he was was reading the Bible, the more it was stabbing, punching...

they saw something flying across the room and land “blam” like that.’She also said that her daughter had told her that, as the force had grown in power she had seen it’s full manifestation in her bedroom one night.

Shaking his head, aware perhaps of how unbelievable the story, he admitted; ‘I think there was a curse placed on the mother, that she was the focus, possibly by an ex-boyfriend or his wife, and that combined with some tragedy and perhaps occult practices that had taken place in that house before and that had opened a portal.’Speaking from Gary Police Department Headquarters, he has run every department from narcotics to homicide, gang intelligence to autodetail.


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