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Padma Purana says that world maps were prepared and maintained in book form and kept with care and safety in marking of horizontal circles, equatorial circles and further divisions.Some Puranas say that the map making had great practical value for the administrative, navigational and military purposes.

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Hence the method of making them would not be explained in general texts accessible to the public and were ever kept secret.

Surya Siddhanta says that the art of cartography is the secret of gods.

Local chiefs and petty chieftains were admitted into the caste structure as Ksatriyas through a ritual known as vratyastoma, performed by an Indian Brahmin.

provides the best and most detailed description of world map drawn on a flat surface using an accurate scale.

India, according to Chamber's Encyclopedia, "has been celebrated during many ages for its valuable natural productions, its beautiful manufactures and costly merchandise," was, says the Encyclopedia Britannica, "once the seat of commerce." Sir William Jones was of opinion that the Hindus must have been navigators in the age of Manu.

Lord Elphinstone has written that "The Hindus navigated the ocean as early as the age of Manu's Code because we read in it of men well acquainted with sea voyages." Ms.In this way the dialogue continues with the swimmer continuing to gather courage hoping against hope.Mani Mekhala was the Goddess whose influence obtained from Kanya Kumari to the island of Katah.Old Indian books the Kathasagara, the Jatakas and others refer to these wondorous regions that set the imagination of civilized Indians on fire, to Suvarnabhumi, the fabulous Land of Gold.On the whole, the Indianization of Southeast Asia proceeded peacefully.Indian cultural contact with Southeast Asia covers a period of Goddess Tara: Rescued sailors who were at risk of Shipwreck. When she was calm, she was green or white in color, when angry, she could be blue, red or yellow.


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