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For companies already connecting with customers over SMS, a phone-number matching tool will let them easily shift those conversations to people’s Messenger account instead, thanks to a partnership with Twilio.

To keep people on control, a block button appears at the top of every bot conversation so you can easily silence them.

But if bots on Messenger succeed, Facebook could potentially allow chatbots on Whats App, which currently shuts them down. Facebook also plans to earn money by allowing businesses to send “Sponsored Messages” ads to people who’ve already voluntarily started a conversation with a business.

Advertisers can also buy “Click To Message” News feed ads that initiate a conversation with their bot.

But if bots on Messenger and other chatbot platforms thrive, they could redefine how businesses sell products and services.

Instead of wandering around an app, a chatbot could ask your criteria and surface relevant things to buy.The brand bible is the basis for all interactions on behalf of a company – personal communications, social media, advertising and design.While a brand bible focuses on many things, we are really going to look at how it affects design.These could let users make a restaurant reservation, review an e-commerce order and more.You can swipe through product carousels and pop out to the web to pay for a purchase.This document, which can range from a couple of pages, to several hundred, is the thread that holds together what the public sees from a company.

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