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Around 1981, she started to associate with a man named George O'Neil.

O'Neil was asked about Cam, who claimed that in July of 1987 he and Cam had an argument over the phone about the dogs.

The next day, O'Neil went to Cam's house and found the phone ripped out of the wall, but never saw Cam again.

In 1995, Cam was declared legally dead by his family.

On September 24, 1997, her remains were found inside the sewer system near her home by Greg Siner, who had bought and lived in the house.

He was friends with Tristan Milligan, Tori Santamaria, Mike Dallas, and Alli Bhandari, and was in a relationship with Maya Matlin, who was his first love, for the majority of his stint on season 12.

Cam disliked Luke Baker, and eventually became enemies with Zig Novak.

He was sentenced to just one year probation and a 0 fine.

Cam (By everyone)Rookie/Rook (by Dallas and Luke)Lil' Cam (By Dallas)Jersey Boy (By Tori) Ice Cube (by Luke)Mama's Boy (By Luke)Cheesy (By Maya, Tori, and Tristan)Birdman (Dallas)Superstar (By Maya)The Regurgitator (By Luke)Suicide Dude (By Harry)Psycho (By Zig)Saunders (By The Ice Hounds) Campbell "Cam" Saunders (1997-2013) was a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi.

Like his Junior Hockey teammates, Campbell was a strong athlete.


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