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I'm sure you'd like to be able to walk tomorrow." At his lowest moment, angst-ridden Kayden's life is turned around by a chance meeting with Callie, the mysterious woman hardened by past abuse. Right then I wanted nothing more than to pull him into the ladies restroom and let him screw me hard against the wall." Recent college graduate Emily Cooper moves to New York City to cope with the death of her mother.

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He's basically a bully, a cocky bully at that.

Basically he's a terrible person, who is only popular because of the fact that 12 year old girls find him attractive or like his eyes.

A shiver danced along my skin, eliciting a deep, husky chuckle from him.

His lips pressed against the sensitive spot under my ear, and a moan crawled up my throat.

Since the advent of MTV, the music video has been an absolutely integral part of the Girl Group experience.

Groups have made their careers off one eye-catching video, had their images cemented, and became a part of pop culture history. L.'s Slow Healing Process • Top 20 Most Underrated Girl Group Songs • 20 Years of TLC's 'Creep' GIRL GROUP WEEK HOMEPAGEHere is Billboard's list of the 10 most iconic girl group videos.

He has no talent at all, yet is another person who is going to become popular and never have to work for anything SIMPLY because people think they're attractive...aka, the Kardashians. FANGIRL: I KNOWWWW, HE' S JUST SO HOT ISN' T HE?!?!?!

At least Justin Beiber makes music..if it's not good music, Nash Grier just stares at a camera and girls practically give him money..generation is so messed up... Me: What do you find hot about a racist, homophobic, shallow, bully?

It's messed up how people like him (or famous people like Justin Bieber) can do whatever they want over and over again, and all they have to do is say "I'm sorry," and they are forgiven because their fans think they are hot. Me: Did I mention he also likes to push old people down, punt babies over bridges, and pee on homeless people? Me: He just murdered your family FANGIRL: OMG, HE' S IN MY HOUSE!!!?!?!

Yeah, well guess what, when someone has to say sorry repeatedly for reoccurring wrong actions, they aren't really sorry. Me: No..really, he's a terrible person, he's bullied many people, one to the point of severe depression...

He placed a kiss to the corner of my lips and the other side before sliding his hand back around the nape of my neck.

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