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On his return from three weeks leave, Manish was asked to reveal her changed sexual identity to the doctors, who treated her for a urinary tract infection.

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Instead of understanding me, and providing me with an enabling environment, the Navy tried to shut me up by keeping me in a psychiatric ward.

My altered gender status is who I am, a transgender woman.

removed from service a 25-year old sailor who last year underwent sex reassignment surgery to become a female.

Sailor Manish Kumar Giri was charged with "breaching the recruitment regulations and eligibility criteria" and was discharged from services evoking the clause of "Service No Longer Required" in accordance with the Navy Regulations, said a spokesman of the Eastern Naval Command (ENC).

We asked that very question when he dropped by the Inquirer offices for a multiplatform interview recently, and all he could say was, “Nagpatawa lang naman ako.” But maybe that’s all there is to it. ” Vice deadpanned as the PDI Entertainment Superdesk staff settled into seats around the boardroom table.

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Money doesn’t come easy in this country, so I feel obliged to give everyone a good show. But we don’t take it too seriously; otherwise, we end up with nothing. We discuss everything—politics, funny personalities… Performing in comedy bars is a whole different ball game. I don’t want to show him off—not because I’m not proud of him, but because I want to be considerate and protect him I don’t want to be selfish and go, “Maganda ako, ito’ng trophy ko, gwapo ang boyfriend ko.” I had a very bad experience some time ago.

A television program showed photos of me and my boyfriend without my knowledge. He has a child who knew me as his “tita.” It ruined our relationship. I have a steady and serious relationship, pero may harot on the side!

Manish had undergone the sex operation at a private facility in Delhi whilst on three weeks leave in October last year and changed his name as Sabi."He chose to undergo irreversible gender re-assignment on his own accord, wilfully altering his gender status from the one he was recruited for at the time of his induction in the Navy.

He has therefore breached the recruitment regulations and eligibility criteria for his employment as a sailor," the spokesperson said.

The service rules do not permit the sailor's continued employment owing to his altered gender status, medical condition and resultant employability restrictions, as per the explaination by the Navy officials.

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