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HD webcams supporting 2MP and higher sensor resolutions perform well with the horsepower current computers in the Apple Macintosh line.

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Yes, Microsoft makes webcams that are Mac OS compatible.

When Windows 7/Vista was released, UVC compatibility was now built into Win OS making the myriad of vendor and model-specific webcam drivers a thing of the past.

You may also find Quick Time capture varies from cam to cam as to how it handles difference between 3:4 and Wide-Screen 16:9 video aspect ratios when switching between Quick Time's "Medium-High-Maximum" modes.

The C615 and C310 models are offically supported by Logitech's older Mac webcam driver and capture software.

You may have a Mac compatible HD webcam, enjoy the razor-sharp image, light sensitivity, and color-balance.

But with some older programs, you'll still only be video-chatting at 320x240 or 640x480 VGA resolution at best.

Apple compatible webcams are easier to find these days, but still tricky to identify.

Not all video webcam manufacturers clearly label thier web cams as UVC - USB Video Class compliant on their retail packaging.

The trend in Mac compatible webcams is towards ever-higher resolution HD cameras.

With Apple using Dual and Quad-Core processors running well over 2Ghz , many Mac Books, the Mac Pro, i Mac and Mac mini desktops make ideal computers for HD video capture and online conferencing at high frame-rates.

The following HD webcams may still be available as close-out, refurbished or used.

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