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This lessens blood flow to the wound area and thus can diminish or eliminate external blood flow. It was a small buck that was missing one side of his antlers and had a little hitch in his step.

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I spooked it up so i decided to give it till tonight. A young buck spotted me drawing my bow back and bolted from sight. I took aim and hit him in the shoulder all I saw was the flight in his side as he turned to run. I got down and walk up on him to find him with no arrow in him. He walked down towards a creek 40 yards away and it took him twenty min.

Well a large portion of the snow melted and so did my blood trail. Almost all the deer I have killed, I have killed with one shot and have never had to track one. Back tracked to find my arrow next to a tree where I shot him. And have done several robin hoods on my target at home. Waited till this a.m and followed good blood till the creek then dried up. how ever i couldn't find my arrow which makes me believe that it could be clotting the blood up perhaps? later took up [email protected] first appeared to be no blood but if you looked closley @leaves you could see small spray drops which means lung hit.

Very disappointing.i shot a 6 point i called crazzy rack they went out and came back in to touch at the me back up last year was my first season hunting with a cross bow. around am 15 yards away i hit the eight point in the shoulder. We waited an hour and went and looked for him (by then it was dark) but we couldn't find anything, no blood, no hair, not even the arrow. and how far should I look from the last blood sighting? the first half of the arrow is broke inside the deer also. I shot a doe quartering to me at twenty yards with a rage two blade broadhead i heard the arrow hit and watched the deer run off with my arrow sticking half out of her i eased out and went to the house ate and gave it a hour or two and went back to track it with some help from a friend and his german shepard we left the dog in the truck and started following her trail she tore the ground up running out of the field but we could not find any blood hair or any sign that the deer was wounded we looked in every direction for fourty yards or so in a sixteen year old clearcut and couldnt find anything so we got the dog out and he took us right to the deer i learned when i hit her i cut her heart in half i was on the ground so why didnt i have a blood trail?

so i shot this deer about 20 minutes before dark and he was at about 15 yards and i was sitting on the ground i waited 45 minutes after the shot and began tracking with a firend he ran up hill the whole while AT 1130pm i marked the blood and went home came back next day with my dog he got right on blood trail and found my broad head and a huge pool of blood 10 yds away the deer jumps up and runs across the top of the hill through a powerline and up a steep wash out i marked the spot came back the next day looked alll over the side of the hill that he had to have run down not finding a drop of blood looked for hours on the way back to the truck i took a diffrent route he jumped up not mre then 20 feet from where i parked watched him run off marked the spot went back the next day no bow in hand (remember im a beginer) walk into to thick green briars get tiny lil drops of blood here and there deer jumps up PRobablly less then 10 yards from me stands there and then runs off i go out to the field on the other side of the briars look for blood nothing i called it quits and let crazzy rack be i assume he died some where i hope another hunter was able to harvest him i feel terrible and have been practiceing like a mad man to be a better shot and i have learned from my mistakes. my uncle went and looked and found blood and 8in of the arrow and the blood trail ended after 100 yards with a pool of blood. i shot a doe this morning about 7 am with my bow at 44 yards. I went back out today and looked for him for a few hours but i couldn't find him, i did find a blood trail, but it was very dim. Sometimes the blood trail will stop due to the organs blocking the hole and the rest of the bleeding continues internally.

I've shot probably a dozen deer and this is the first I've lost. i found very little blood there, but a few peices of venison burger hanging from nearby tree branches.

There was a 3" diameter pool of blood at the place where I hit her, probably a 1/2 cup of bright red artery blood. There was some more blood 70 yards away at a fence that was probably 5' high that she jumped! after tracking for 20 yds i found about 80 lbs of i find the rest of the meat and the peices of shattered antlers? The deer ran off with my arrow still embeded in his right shoulder.

I don't know if i should keep searching and ask around the neighborhood, or just give it up. Jeremy, The big bucks sometimes backtrack their steps to brush you off the trail, look really really close to the last blood you seen. Waited approx 45 min when I made the shot my arrow was still in the deer as he ran off and just when he turned my arrow broke off and was laying on the ground. I tracked my buck for a mile and a half and another 80 yards without a blood trail. While I was tracking there was bright red and bubbly blood along its path and there was a point where there wasn't a break in the line of blood on the trail.


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