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On February 22, 2016, he wrote a fascinating hiring tip. Handbook Policy or Procedure Manuals – What’s the difference?Many times when I’m asked to review employee handbooks, I find a mish-mash of policies, procedures, directives, and threats that contains pages and pages and pages of details most of which are out dated almost as soon as... It’s that time of year when gift giving and holiday parties are pretty standard in the workplace. A Texas federal court has temporarily blocked the implementation of the new FLSA changes scheduled to go into effect on December 1st.

“Dick” Cody, USA (Ret.) Vice Chief of Staff, United States Army (’04-’08) 24.

Conaway, USAF (Ret.) Chief, National Guard Bureau (’90-’93) 25.

Vice Admiral Michael Bucchi, USN (Ret.) Commander of the United States Third Fleet (’00-’03) 13. General Bruce Carlson, USAF (Ret.) Director, National Reconnaissance Office (’09-’12) 15. Casey, Jr., USA (Ret.) Chief of Staff of the United States Army (’07-’11) 16.

Brown, Jr., USA (Ret.) Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army (’87-’89) 12. Campbell, USAF (Ret.) Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support, Central Intelligence Agency (’00-’03) 14. Castellaw, USMC (Ret.) Deputy Commandant for Programs and Resources (’07-’08) 17.

HR Leadership Trends Lean Toward More Social Experiences – What’s Your Employee Experience?

I read something the other day that made an impact on my thinking…a full glass of water symbolizes a grown adult.

Blanck, USA (Ret.) Surgeon General of the United States Army (’96-’00) 6.

Boutelle, USA (Ret.) Chief Information Officer and G6, United States Army (’03-’07) 8. Bowman, USN (Ret.) Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion (’96-’04) 9.

Donald, USN (Ret.) Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion (’04-’12) 33.

Dubik, USA (Ret.) Commander, Multi National Security Transition Command and NATO Training Mission-Iraq (’07-’08) 34.

Christman, USA (Ret.) Superintendent, United States Military Academy (’96-’01) 20. Admiral Vern Clark, USN (Ret.) Chief of Naval Operations (’00-’05) 22.


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