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After being thrown out by his wife Pam (Jo Nell Kennedy), he gets an apartment of his own to share with his children, Peter (Miles Thompson) and Robby (Brandon Ratcliff).He meets Christine (Miranda July), a senior-cab driver and amateur video artist, while she takes her client to shop for shoes, and the two develop a fledgling romantic relationship.Below little trees made from cottonwool balls on toothpicks we borrowed from the bar downstairs, they use plasticine to show areas of open defecation.

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Later we make a Mr Poop puppet, separating ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ so we can make use of the friendly sewing circle to have that conversation.

There are things in life that are common to all, whatever culture we come from.

As a result of this relationship, Heather and Rebecca ask Peter if they can practice oral sex on him, so that he can tell them which of the two does it better; so they do. The daughter of a neighbor peeks in the window, sees what is happening, and quickly leaves.

Heather and Rebecca later come to the neighbor's house intending to have sex with him as practice, but he appears afraid when he sees them through his window and he pretends not to be home.

We chat to those participants based out in the field who are staying at the hotel while we wait for late-comers to arrive; they make jokes about swimming in the Nile with its crocodiles. Next, participants make introductions through models of the villages and communities they work in using cardboard, twigs and grasses, paper, and plasticine, and describe some of the common challenges they face.

Houses are small, round and brown with pointy roofs, the one-room tukals or mud huts most villagers live in.

Portions of the script were included in the anthology The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2006 edited by Dave Eggers.

Roger Ebert cited it as the fifth best film of the decade.

CONAN: But I first want to mention, I go backstage to say hello to you and your two daughters are in there and they practically attack me.

And they were looking up at me because I'm tall and freakish to a small child but then they started to go ha, ha, funny.

Open defecation is the way people have traditionally dealt with the daily call to nature here, as indeed they have most corners in the world, but where populations are forced to live together more densely the practice seriously increases the risk of diarrhoea, a sickness which frequently claims the lives of the young and vulnerable in poorer parts of the world, particularly where people are Many of our workshop participants are health promoters, and work in remote villages and camps for people displaced by conflict to encourage the building of latrines, the practice of handwashing with soap or ash from cooking fires at critical times (like after defecating and before eating), and the drinking of clean, treated water.


  1. You would think it's a textbook case of revenge porn, but there's a rub.

  2. I will touch upon how anti-Ahmadi rhetoric often clouds productive intra-faith dialog.

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