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If I had to send my daughter alone into the women's changing room, I guess I should be worried about women who are that way inclined.Sounds like a daft rule to me, I can't see anyone agreeing to allow their 6 year old into a changing room alone, regardless of gender. I'm not paranoid about paedophiles but I am paranoid about my 6 year old being on his own, showering, running to his locker with wet feet, slipping, and smashing his head on the floor.Which would be a shame, because its our one luxury in life, but theres just no way my 6 yr old is going to change on his own.

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And in 18 months time both my boys will be over 6 and I dread to think what sorts of nonsense they'd be getting up to in the changing rooms by themselves.

My eldest on his own would be terrified, but both of them together would just be mayhem. Thankfully we have separate male/female changing areas but also a big 'changing village' which is mixed with loads of cubicles and plenty large family ones. But I wasn't sure if I was just being over protective, I'm glad you all feel the same.

I wouldn't trust him to organise his clothes, shower gel, towel etc, and if there was a problem I wouldn't be allowed into the men's to help him.

He is quit private and always uses the shower cubicles and private cubicles to get changed but I still wouldn't like it.

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Our swimming pool has just put up notices saying that kids over the age of 6 must use the appropriate male or female changing rooms.

I wouldn't be happy sending my 8 year old into the male changing rooms on his own. I still dry him to make sure he is properly dry, and often dress him too to get him to go a bit faster, so I wasn't sure if i was just babying I'm too much. I wouldn't be happy sending a 6 year old in to change on their own, not so much that they wouldn't do it right as I am all for independence but because I would have no control over the environment that they are in, what they are seeing and listening and who they came into contact with.

My local pool has family changing rooms too which I use when we have daddy with us too otherwise they come in with me in the women's changing, mine are just 2 and 4 though.

It will happen with 6 year old children eventually.

Add that to the slight risk from paedophiles, and the risk of bullying from older kids, you have a recipe for disaster. My son will be 6 in January and there is no way I'd let him go into a mens changing room by himself.

I was recently subjected to the sight of a heavily pregnant butt naked woman strolling around the changing area like she was having a walk in the park.


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