Chris pfaff dating

But I do find happiness and purpose working, so if I’m not busy for too long I start to lose my mind a little bit.

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Because I had this great marketing vehicle, and MTV was asking what was next for Drama and my progression.

So I realized there was no reason to put it off and so I jumped into it.

Really we watched him become a huge movie director, and little things like that are crazy to see.

It’s fun to see how these projects that impact the world actually go down.

And these are all people who came from the place I did, they had the same opportunities I did.

But people tend to ignore their opportunities because they’re afraid to take that initial leap.

In LA it’s new stuff, which can be dangerous because you can easily be replaced, but if you can stay in the flow, I absolutely love that every day you don’t know what you’re going to get into. There are a lot of young people doing some incredible things and it’s fun to watch.

One of the guys who got and all of these massive movies.

I think a lot of people want to say that some of my success is attributed to handouts or being on the show, but what I want my message to be about is how hard it was to make the transition moving out to LA from Ohio.

When I came here I didn’t know anyone, I hardly knew Rob, he’s actually is my second cousin.

I feel like kids get stuck in this idea of “You’re born in a small town or with no money so accept that nothing will change and you won’t ever be anything.” And that’s a shame, I want to be able to change that mindset.

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