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' Actually he'd probably stone her then go out and genocide some more Amalekites just so he'd feel better after having had to look at her...)--so now we have to figure out to do with ' Boy Deryk'---maybe a nice LONG tour of the Back Streets of Baghdad on all Fours sniffing out all those Improvised Explosive Devices littering all the backroads these days, courtesy of US Operation Shekinah (better make it FIVE uninterrupted Tours in a row, like other US soldiers have had to undergo in that Hell Hole just to keep people like his Mommykins in Mink)---or maybe we should just post a few pictures of sonnyboy spread eagle in positions suggestive of Guantanamo Bay Detainees..a thought off the top of my head....

While I agree with his opinion of Laura Schlessinger, Ph D, and her hypocritical ways, that theophilos09 is one angry dude!

Smith explained to CP that she signed the statement last week when she first became aware of it."It is out of my Christian convictions that I believe it is so important we talk about justice, prejudice, discrimination, suffering, privilege ...

always with an eye toward our individual and collective responsibility to act," said Smith."As such, I signed this statement as a symbol of my desire to continue to be more like Jesus who didn't just love in the abstract, but loved people. Broken people with messy lives."Smith also told CP that she especially liked the final paragraph of the statement, which reads as follows: "We confess that we have, too often, failed in calling out injustice, in loving and knowing our neighbors, and in properly stewarding God's creation.

Laura and summed the reaction up with, “Oh, come on.” Dr.

Laura, whose doctoral degree is in physiology, defended herself first in her own blog.

One blog entry explained, “I , it takes everything reckless and deviant and heathenistic [sic] and just overall bad about me and hyper focuses these traits into my job of running around this horrid place doing nasty things to people that deserve it …

and some that don’t.” According to La Plante’s article, Deryk wrote that “godless crazy people like me” are now “a generation of apathetic killers.” La Plante, according to the article, was tipped after his initial Dr. However, in La Plante’s article, her spokesman Mike Paul offered, “We hope all news media outlets will respect his privacy for his safety and the safety of those serving with him.” Paul also suggested the site could be a fake."Many people of color, women, and other marginalized groups feel increasingly alienated not only in the current national context but in much of the white evangelical culture as well," the statement added.Sameer Yadav, assistant professor of Religious Studies at Westmont College, was one of three faculty at the Christian liberal arts school to help adapt the statement.And the context is about the fact that, when you’re the warrior’s wife or the warrior’s mom, as I am, because my son’s deployed in combat in the Middle East, you can bitch and whine and moan to each other - but never to the warrior, because that distracts them. And we need to be warrior families.” She says that when wives or mothers-or, presumably, anyone in the family-complains to their “warrior,” such complaints become unnecessary distractions. He’s out to take your comments and make it look like you want to hurt military families…That’s what he’s in business to do in the ‘s Reader’s Advocate took issue with O’Reilly’s comments, explaining, “La Plante not only keeps a close eye on military affairs of interest to Utahns, he also has been to Iraq twice, where he traveled and told the stories of Utahns on the war’s fronts.It demoralizes them, and that puts them more in harm’s way.” See the full interview here. Laura was miffed because her comments were construed more as an attack on families than as advice to not express dismay to the “warriors” fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, where her son is stationed in Kandahar. News program because, as he wrote on his blog, “I just don’t think I can scream loud enough.” In La Plante’s absence, O’Reilly informed Dr. He took risks equal to many troops in the theater and has the helmet and body armor to prove it.Then she went on News’ Bill O’Reilly show to clarify the comments.


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  6. The answers of the first two celebrities are ordinary "straight" answers. Simpson wrote: "Murder O'Clock." A reply where Paris Hilton is the final respondent to a question has been used in every segment for at least the last four years, usually about her promiscuous dating habits.

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